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Dear Parents,

As a child I often remember going home each night and my parents asking me what I did at school that day. Of course, my typical response was to say, “Nothing.” In all reality we are doing far more than “nothing” each day in Mrs. Watson’s classroom. I’m not sure if your child has the same type of response that I did or not, but my goal is to give you a glimpse of the “more than nothing” activities that we complete in Mrs. Watson’s classroom each week.

One of the classes that I had to take before entering the Education program taught me the importance of communication with parents, both verbally and through the use of technology. I plan to use this blog to help prepare me for the future. With that being said, please let me know if you enjoy reading my weekly post or if there is anything you would like to read more about!

Also, each post will be written in both English and Spanish. In our school’s community, we have families that speak both languages, and I want to make sure that all parents are capable of understanding what is being posted. However, my Spanish grammar skills are not perfect. I apologize in advance for any grammatical errors in Spanish.

I hope you enjoy our classroom blog, and I look forward to hearing from throughout the semester!

Amy Archer

Queridos Padres,

Cuando era una niña, mis padres pidieron preguntas sobre mi día despues de clase. Era típico para les dije, "Nada." Pero en realidad, mucho sucede más que "nada" todos los días en la clase de Señora Watson. No estar seguro de sus niños hayan dicho como este, pero mi meta es para mires y comprendes los actividades semana cada en la clase de Señora Watson.

Una clase a la universidad me enseñó que tecnología estaba importante con Educacíon. Es importante para las maestras y los padres hablar mucha. Este blog es para preparación. Si le gusta leer este blog, entonces dime por favor. Y dime que quiere conocer sobre la clase.

Este blog ir a escribá en ingles y español. A la escuela tenemos gente de culturas diferente y quiero escribir para todos las culturas. Sin embargo, mi habilidades gramaticales no están perfecto. Lo siento por adelantado para los errores en español.

Espero que le gusta este blog!

Amy Archer

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